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Here are some quick things to remember:
- Fearful eminates ~25 meters around zorn when toth jumps. It's important that tanking position is consistent, but more importantly that all dps and healers relevant are checking distance (needs to 28m+) when you approach 90/70/50/30/10. Healers that get fearful won't immediately be affected, but may take big damage from zorn's random rock throw during the 80/40 berzerk phases.
- Toth tanks need to monitor their fearful debuff when a jump is upcoming. If there's still time, they need to pop a cooldown, taunt zorn after toth jumps, jump to jorn, but then do absolutely do no damage. Ideally it's only 1-2 seconds but can be up to 5 depending on dps.
- After each jump the #1 priority is to get the drouks spread out asap. Dps, especially melee and especially post 10% should respect the tanks and allow positioning before 'going to town'
- Basics: Phases push at 80/60/40/20 on either tank (make sure that at least one tank has enough dps to push the phase before a 2nd DD). DD happens exactly 15s into the fight or after missile barrage starts, 2nd DD is 30s after.
- All dps and healers should know whether any of their abilities do damage to targets they are not targeting (AoE, spreading dots, knockbacks, cc's) so that shields don't die
- Tanks on SC side during shield phase need to watch minimap for where shields spawn and make appropriate decisions to be in range of their healers as much as possible
- FB healers should either be soaking lightnings in between FB/SC or standing on the back right corner of FB to be range to heal both tanks if a dps is soaking lightnings
- A dps should help the tower-tank kill the first add as he finds a green square in the first row. Currently, it's best to just use the left-most column, with 2nd to left as a backup.
- The tower-tank should be revealing squares on cooldown, even while fighting mob. He should monitor the health of the active probe and stop revealing square at 10% to prepare to 'yellow' a square for diffuse
- The fight usually involves 4 diffuses; the tower-tank should alert the raid if he finds that more will need diffuse. Alternate routes are rare, but can work.
- Members with short cooldowns (melee) should be assigned to interrupt on the 2 droids not being focused by the raid, with the raid rotating interrupts on the focused droid.
- When bombers come out, everyone should get in position for a full burn and so they don't need to move for Warrior Packs (immediately to the right of the walker) or Pulsar Droids (stack on rightmost droid's landing spot)
- Have a raid member monitoring suppression fire conal and calling it out
- Use target markers or focus targets to ensure everyone get warrior targetted and not trenchcutter
- Coordinate sniper shields, predation, static barriers, sprints, intercedes, entrenches and other helpful abilities for kephess's 60% pull
- Try to have tanks not take post-60% knockbacks into walls; it gives the next tank less time to react with a taunt before kephess attacks the previous tank who now has an increased damage debuff
- Try to coordinate your circle dropping so that circles are on the outside of the room and ranged dps have to move minimally to maximize dps and risk of running out of room

I realize this came out more like a strat overview, but I hope it helps if you hit some progression walls.
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