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Chapter 10

Nal Hutta- The BattleZone

The rusted gate opened, allowing The Harbinger to step into the arena. The shining artificial lights were blinding at first, but her eyes adjusted. She drowned out the cheering crowd, focusing on only one thing: her next challenge and overcoming it.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to The BattleZone!" The BattleZone announcers voice rang out across the arena, amplified by audio enhancement systems. "Our competitor miraculously emerged from her first challenge unscathed, but will she be so lucky today? Let's find out!"

She stood in the middle of the arena, staring at the opposite gate, waiting for her next test. The gate before her opened and sautering out of the tunnel was a large creature, possibly Gen'Dai.

"Making his way to the center of the arena, standing over three meters tall: Tundor!" The announcement echoed around the arena, quickly being drowned out by the patrons' cheers. "Can our challenger overcome this Gen'Dai? Find out LIVE at The BattleZone!"

Tundor stood before her, standing over one meter taller than her. He looked down at her. "Fight with honor. Die with honor." His voice was metallic, almost robotic. His body was clad in purple heavy armor, which was covered with different weapons systems.

The Harbinger backed up and drew her lightsabers, activating them with a snap-hiss. Tundor pulled a large vibrosword off the sheath across his back, holding it steady in front of him. Sweat dripped from her brow as she waited for him to make the first move. Her father had told her about Gen'Dai, more importantly on how they could be killed.

Tundor lunged his massive body forward, bringing his sword down in a heavy downward strike. She caught the blade between her own, parrying it downward and slicing Tundor across the chest. Purple strands of nerve fibers fell out of the crevass, but quickly slithered back in, the regenerative processes of Tundor's body working quickly to repair the damage.

She quickly leapt back and projected a powerful Force blast at Tundor. The blast shredded Tundor's armor, revealing his innards: a mess of nerve fibers and muscle strands. Tundor pointed his arm at her and launched a missle her way. The shrieking missle was stopped dead in its tracks by The Harbinger. She turned it around and launched it back at Tundor, impacting him in the chest.

His body was shattered by the missle, nerves and muscle cords flew around the arena, connecting with the walls with a sickening sound. She knew what she had to do, what her father told her to do. She delved into the most secret of Force techniques to set the pieces on fire and make them explode, incinerating them completely. She knew it was done, Tundor was no more.

"Amazing, ladies and gentlemen! Our challenger has made it to the final round! What awaits her then? Find out tomorrow, LIVE at The BattleZone!"

She deactivated her lightsabers and returned them to her belt, leaving the arena in shame. She did not want to do that, but she had to. Her father demanded that her mission be complete, which meant no one could stand in her way. It made her sad to do such a thing to a powerful creature like Tundor, but she had no choice.

Sometimes she wished that her father had never called her to serve...

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