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01.31.2013 , 01:18 PM | #1
I've got a ton of experience raiding, I'm in full campaign and I took a break from SW:TOR just before TfB came out, I played on-and-off since then, and have completed TfB SM, but haven't really done much in HM.

Anyways, I've got myself situated, and I've found a new guild, they seem to be having problems on EC HM, and I was wondering if everyone here could post what your biggest issues were (in terms of what you had to really try to learn to do or not do, NOT bugs), and what you did to adjust or fix them.

Reason I'm asking is because the person who invited me pretty much said that I would almost instantly step into a position where people are going to look to me for advice in EC HM and onward, and so I'd like to know some common problems so I can hit on them if, when we go into EC HM, they have some difficulty; I'll have somewhere to start and help them out.