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I find it very interesting that Rob discusses the difficulty of reading through the comments that have emotionalism to work toward discovering the context of the frustration.

Frankly, I believe much of this frustration and the emotional outbursts that come with them with this game is that the dev team basically ignores the game base. I think if there was more open dialog, not just a half hearted post from time to time, but some actual explanation of "why we did this" and "why we do it this way" then the user base would better understand the thought process behind certain game play decisions which would quell a lot of the frustration.

Every time a new community manager comes into play we hear about "increased communication" with the user base, and it just never happens.
True that the less the devs /CSRs engage the more likely the forums are to be cynical, angry and generally vitriolic. As, despite repeated promises, there is precisely zero consumer - developer interaction in these forums people tend to be extremely cynical as the perception is that the company ignores problems, issues and feedback. Given that why bother to be polite or constructive? They're just going to ignore it anyway so you might as well make yourself feel better by venting.

If they seriously want to change that they need to engage with the community for more than a couple of days at a time, reduce the amount of C&P and learn how to say "sorry" when things go wrong. Then they can enforce meaningful forum policies and generally have a more productive environment until that point this 1984 deleting posts BS just annoys people and is ultimately a losing cause because as long as the forum environment remains unchanged there are always going to be more people complaining than there is CSR time to delete posts.