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Any threads on this that explain play style and the appropriate stat you should be stacking based on that playstyle?

SgtKlavier was kind enough to provide the possible min/max mods/enhancements to use for pve endgame here:

For mods you have four choices:
Advanced Weighted Mod 27 (low End, high Abs)
Advanced Weighted Mod 27B (high End, low Abs)
Advanced Deflecting Mod 27 (low End, high Def)
Advanced Deflecting Mod 27B (high End, low Abs)

For enhancements you only have two options:
Advanced Bastion Enhancement 27 (Def) <-- also has analog "steadfast"
Advanced Bulwark Enhancement 27 (Abs)
I don't really understand the glance stat, and I'm wondering why I would choose to stack Abs over Def or vice versa, or going for a high End stack. I'm sure this has to do with playstyle. So I'm wondering what these playstyles look like and what stat should be stacked for each of those styles.

Thanks in advance!
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