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Likewise, and just to correct MR George Lucas is still in his best not ''once was''...

The clone wars series prove that easily...
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Clones Wars show is great, but not directed by Lucas.
Wow, nice to see someone say something positive about George Lucas. He deserves are respect. I think I would partially agree, Lucas was and still is a great director, but not that great. Let me just say here that Lucas is in fact heavily involved in the production of TCW. He comes up with a lot of the stories. For example the idea of allying the Mandalorians with Darth Maul, and having them invade Jabba's Palace, was Lucas' idea. As are many of the new and existing races in the franchise. He is the producer I think. So I think we should give him a lot of credit for that.

But back on topic, I think while Lucas is a great director, he may have got a little carried away with the CGI and perhaps doesn't fully understand what his audience wants. However he is an excellent, and I mean excellent, storyteller and has some awesome ideas and concepts. And that's what he's putting in the TCW, and that's why its so great. Apart of me is kinda sad to see him go. Personally I'd prefer to see him produce Star Wars, rather than Kennedy (but not direct and get too heavily involved) but I totally respect his choice.