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01.31.2013 , 11:43 AM | #10
If you ever look up what an Exploit is in a video game, you'll see why what you're doing is wrong. If you are using a games mechanic to purposefully bypass all other mechanics of a boss fight, you are exploiting the fight to win. When this occurred in wow, the development team had a hotfix for the fight within a week and if a guild used something like this, they would be banned for 3 days. (Which happened on a few World Firsts last expansion and also on Heroic LK 25man) The Bioware Development team in general is terrible with fixing bugs in raids (See SOA for the first 6 months of this game as an example) so I'm sure you can continue to use this strat with no worry of ban hammers.

You are talking about it being a higher dps check but you're forgetting that you're eliminating all other aspects of the fight that would hinder DPS. You are essentially making the fight a Tank and Spank where you don't have to worry about ANY OTHER mechanic that would screw up your rotations. You are also severely reducing the amount of healing going out because the healers will only have to watch the tank on Toth and never have to worry about the two red circle phases. This also eliminates the movement // defensive CD // possibly self heals of all of the DPS because you are exploiting a bug in order to skip phases.

Like I stated before: This strategy completely cheeses the fight and makes it a joke. If those guilds out there that are still struggling with NiM T/Z use this strat and then it is "fixed" (IE, after the big rock is thrown - the red circle phase will follow) they will have to learn to do it the "correct" way.