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Bit late to the party but oh well, great analysis Aurbere. Whenever I tried to read up on the Great Sith War I found myself baffled and confused when I attempted to read the Wookieepedia page. Your anaylsis is far easier to understand and I think I've finally got a handle on this topic.

So the recap (and test my knowledge):

- Kun turns to the dark side on Yavin IV and enslaves an army of Massassi. Kun then steals some artificacts on Ossus and kills the super-historian dude. Then he convinces other Jedi to join him using a holocron.

- Kun sends his Brotherhood to kill their masters which is largely successful, Kun then tracks down Ulic and they reach a stalemate. Some ghosts anoint them Dark Lords of the Sith and the Krath and Massassi join forces along with the Jedi.

- Lots of war, Mandalorian Crusaders invade Deep Core, Ulic defeats them and they join. More war, invasion of Coruscant fails and Ulic is captured. Rescued by Kun who kills his old master.

- More war, Keto attempts to betray Kun but Kun tricks her and sets off a supernova to drive the Jedi off Ossus. Invade Ossus and take the artifacts, Ulic kills his brother and is severed from the Force by Sunrider and is redeemed.

- War begins to shift in the Republic's favour with Ulic's knowledge. Mandalorian attack on Onderon fails and Mandalore gets eaten by the savage fauna of Dxun. Ulic leads the Jedi to Yavin IV, Kun attempts to flee as a 'spirit' but is trapped for all eternity. The End.

That's my new understanding of the Great Sith War, thankyou Aurbere.