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if you really want this sorting then you should contact SW:tor customer services via skype , i did post it in the previous thread , before it was closed down , but there was soo many responses , i doubt half of you even read the thread , you just jump in an ***** an moan , which i did too , but i ACTUALLY wanted to get mine fixed an not ***** an moan for some free stuff,

my issues were ALL resolved in under 20 minutes on SKYPE , but you dont really want to fix it or you would have already , but maybe you will have more incentive when your sub is stopped ? which it will be if your card is refused , as mine was ,

FOR THE LAST TIME , IF YOU WANT TO FIX IT ---> RING THEM ON SKYPE , or alternatively , you could just continue moaning an whining that it isnt being fixed by them , yet until you contact them an directly ask them to sort your account , IT WONT BE SORTED ,

contact number for sw:tor customer services is in the expected place , if you cant find it , its no wonder your still in here moaning about everything

some things you have to fix yourself , or put up with them as they are
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