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i remember back when the Rakghoul event was active, on Tattooine in Anchorhead there was a guy pleading with a containment officer to see his wife who had been quarantined due to a rakghoul bite. i don't remember the exact dialogue, but i felt really sorry for that man. props to the voice actors there.

and not only do they have great flavor dialogue, but i love it when they add npc scenes for the events. remember during the Rakghoul event, if you went to your ship's hangar while infected, some containment officers would swoop down and attack you? for the Chevin event, the first couple days, right near the Republic spaceport taxi, there were a couple gangs that looked like they were about to get in a fight with each other. a few days later in that same spot, there were a bunch of dead and injured guys laying around with some security officers trying to get the story of what happened. they had scenes like that everywhere during that event.
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