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01.31.2013 , 08:58 AM | #1
My chat is broken in two different ways.
1) I see no player names. I see all the chat but have no idea who is talking.
2) If I leave whatever place I log into the game, I lose my chat box altogether. Just gone. No way to communicate with anyone. Logging out and back in DOES NOT bring back the chat box.

I have done EVERYTHING one can do to fix it. Reset UI, reset keybindings, deleting cache and preference folders. Last week I did a full game reinstall because the patch didn't work for me.

The only thing that bring back my chat box is deleting "%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\SWTOR\swtor\setti ngs" and even then, if I zone into a new area the chat just goes away. I can't seriously have to do that everytime I move. Your game loads entirely too slow and relies so much on loading for moving between areas, that I'd spend more time trying to fix my chat than playing.

I submitted a ticked about it and you guys just closed it without so much as a "we'll look in to it". Frankly that is totally unacceptable. I pay for this game. I'm getting extremely frustrated. Not having chat is game breaking. I can't communicate, I can't see system messages, I can't do things you need to do to have any sort of playing experience.