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The naming policy, though clearly stated in the rules-of-conduct, has never been enforced. I have reported a large number of people for very obscene names. But, months later and they are still walking around. I would love to list some of the ones I have reported, but I think I am not allowed to. It should be embarrissing to Bioware that they cannot control this issue. But like long existing bugs, they just ignore them mostly.
keep in mind not all names are offensive in there intent i have a character called " puffinreefer " which alot of people take as a drug reference, however the Puffin is a bird ( look it up ) and a " reefer " is a person who is in the hobby of keeping and maintenance of a salt water coral reef tank.and since the puffin is a fav bird of mine all my toons for the most part have that as the first part in their name.
and why care about the problems in the game when your customer base has to incur a charge to call ( sorry this piss's me off a bit ) you wont hear a peep except on the forums...and will time makes all this fade bio ware is happy in there little hole counting money