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I really do not think everyone has YOUR network....
Did you edit your own post or was it edited for you? Maybe your IP address was found and you were hacked?

You are scare mongering.
As the post was aimed at me (as well as others I'm sure) I felt that I should post a response to explain why I did not attempt to hide any IP addresses.
Can you explain to me exactly what use an internal, non-routable IP address is to somebody outside of your network?
Remembering that most ISP and commercial level devices assign addresses from the same 192 address range?
As for my public IP address - this is available to anyone and everyone. Funnily enough this is how the internet works - if somewhere doesn't know my IP address I'm not going to get very far.
My external address here at work is the same external address used by over 300 people and other services.
My connection with SWTOR is encrypted….I could go on, but there is no security issue with sharing my external address and certainly no security issue with sharing my internal one.

I am not saying that security should not be taken seriously. I doubt there is anyone here who is accessing the net without having at the very least a software firewall. Most who are on broadband will be behind some kind of hardware device.
However there is “being security minded” and there is “scaring the heck out of people online who suddenly think their IP address can lead to hacking, spoofing and the theft of their account details and ID”.