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01.31.2013 , 04:13 AM | #56
Then you did something wrong and the setting didn't apply to the swtor.exe, the file in which your game runs.

There is a huge visual difference with this settings as the aliasing effect ( all those jagged lines moving on the edges of objects and everything really) disappears. If it doesn't show, the game is not recognizing the changes you made.

Make sure you choose the correct profile at Nvidia Inspector : "Star Wars: The Old Republic"

After that check if next to "Antialiasing - Behavior Flags" is set to = None

After you copy all the same setting as the picture I posted of my settings, check the top right button that says "Apply changes".

Also the -3.000 make things way too shiny and it costs some performance. The -1.000 is good enough in my opinion but it's up to you of course.

Good luck