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I never had any intentions of picking and sticking with one faction. What I did was make a sorc, PT, then a sent. With my sorc, I just had a preference towards all the lightning and remember how much fun force storm was on KoToR, I just had to make a sorc. As for my PT, me likey fire. Burning things is just really, really fun and not only does death from above have the more kick *** name, it has a preferable animation. Sent was, I don't have a rep yet and I love melee DPS so, time to make a sent.

Now, the server I originally started out on, the imp side seemed to have an abundance of douches, trolls, people flaunting their e*****, and arrogant asses. This had me shelving my imps and sticking to the rep side more. There was also a definite imbalance when it came to PVP. More imp PVPers and they had geared up faster. So, I spent quite a bit of time toughing it out with other reps which left me feeling closer to the rep side. I was also not fond of the idea of supporting an imbalance. Of course, I started talking to and befriending people on the rep side.

After server transfers and having guildmates and other people I used to play with play less or not at all, I started playing on the imp side more and more. I also started noting that the douche bags, trolls, and people with massive egos are now divided out between the two factions. Doesn't matter which side I choose, I have to deal with them. Plus, I now find myself enjoying my jugg more than my sent which has been my main for the past year. The other thing is, I just find myself distanced from the rep side. It's also possible I starting feeling bored ont he rep side and needed a change of scenery. Also, find reps annoying me more than imps lately. Just gotta smash em all. >: )

Did I mention it's more fun being lightside on the imp side? Being the only one to pick the lightside choice and then winning the roll and forcing sith to be good little boys and girls is just fun. Plus the reactions from being a lightside sith make it a little more fun. Rep side, go darkside and no one seems to respond. :/

P.S. I ate all the cookies. And they where soooo good.