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The overall plot is on wiki now.
I really dislike how they characterize Satine. Beside her firm belief of peace, as a politician she could do nothing in the crisis beside call for Jedi's help and that's exactly what Maul wanted her to do.
Satine is characterized perfectly. She is a politican that doesn't have a clue about anything. She could have done plenty in the crisis.
1. She could have had a standing army in her adminstration, her firm belief in peace ended up to cause more damage in the long run and any smart person would have came up with the idea of the need to protect the systems and planets from pirates and other people challenging their democracy.
2. She actually could have called the jedi for help (given they could have blocked communications though so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt)
3. Instead of saying to the people, after they have been terrorized, to keep working towards peace and not fight back she should have told them to start fighting back. People needed a person to rally to and she mostly said "It is not my problem."
4. She told Maul where to find a corrupt politician.