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Corso due to his attitude re:women.

He puts his captain on a pedastal that is creepy as ****, he gets super duper jealous if you flirt with other men (even if you haven't initiated a romance), and he has a double standard with killing women.

If I could space the ****er or leave him back on Ord Mantell, I would. And I'd just have Gus, Risha, Akaavi, and Bowdar on my ship.

Can't comment on Skadge as I have yet to get him and I adore Quinn, his "story thing" and all.
This I have to agree with, I never liked Corso. Now Guss I think is hilarious, a failed padawan turned con artist.

Most boring, Sgt. Rusk. I don't hate him, he's just bland. Only reason I geared him up at all when I hit 50th was just to be complete, I don't like the idea of leaving anyone undergeared.