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01.30.2013 , 11:00 PM | #159
I seriously think that people are really overestimating Exar Kun as a combatant...

He used a mass genocide to boost his powers, he was feeding off the deaths of his servants.

People are acting like he is some sort of demigod, he's not. He may be powerful, but he also has his limitations as well, remember the plant Jedi Master actually caused Exar Kun to back down.

Traya and Sion aren't exactly pushovers in all of this.

If Exar Kun has Ulic attacking Coruscant while he attacks Malachor V, then quite frankly Kreia would be an idiot to flee Malachor V, and she was no idiot.

The best opportunity to take Exar Kun down would be where Kreia has the home court advantage. His forces would be severely widdled down in a ground invasion, and Kreia has drained people of their life forces without any need for long drawn out rituals.

In order to get at Traya, Exar Kun has to go through Sion, and quite frankly the odds of him getting past Sion unscathed are rather low. Additionally if Traya steps in to assist her apprentice, then I seriously don't see Exar Kun defeating them both at the same time, especially without Ulic there.