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I was a fan until this pile came out.

Star Wars has been dying for a very long time and this new movie along with TOR and 1313 are the final nails in the coffin. Why don't you take the fanboy goggles off and see how bad Star Wars looks right now.
then go away because not everyone here thinks star wars sucks/ is dying or think Tor sucks. The only bad movies/games that I can think of is Episode 1-2 , The force unleashed 2, and Star wars ob1 and i guess you can count SWG since NGE killed the game. If we thought wow or rift was better we wouldn't be playing Tor for the past year and how do you know 1313 or the new movie is going to suck if it isn't out yet , so you can't even comment on that yet not enough info is out yet to tell if they are going to suck or be good or w/e . Not enough info on the movie yet but 1313 looks pretty awesome to me reminds me of Star Wars Bounty Hunter.
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