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What exactly am I suppossed to be doing in WZ's with this trash Recruit armor? It is completely useless. I understand this game is all about progression and you need to earn the better gear, but seriously, at least allow Recruit armor to keep you alive for more than five seconds so we don't feel like we're dragging our team down all the time.
And you seriously think it's different in other MMOs? PvPing as a fresh max level toon can be much harder and more frustrating.

Just hit 50 with a new Guardian and while it's true that I'm very familiar with the game and the class, I'm doing just fine in Recruit gear.
It's mostly about what you should expect:
Wrecking people 1v1? No.
Making stuff happen on your own? No.
Acting as some sort of support? Yes.

I don't rush into zergs and I never initiate on my own - instead I use taunts and Guard from afar, pick off isolated targets and I actually use the chat for making calls and asking for help while defending.

It's not like you have to bear with Recruit gear for a month or so.