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Anyways the truth is the truth and nothing can triumph the truth.
Just remember if you want good pvp play fair and dont be a patetic loser/coward.
Few months ago I was playing on Saciela, wondering across Alderaan I saw a republic lvl 30ish commando enter a heroic quest solo, so I got a op friend of mine to come, and we both followed him stealthed to the final boss he needed for the quest.

Then we healed the boss from round a corner, repeatedly, before finishing him off. Know what happened? 5of his guildies came and Killed me(op left by then). Repeatedly.

So I used my incredibly powers of /gu and /w, after a few attempts at 2of us v 8of them, 2more imps showed up. We kicked their arses(8of them), not because we're some uber pro players(Apart from me, ofc), but because they weren't as active pvpers as us, but instead of QQing on here, they all thought "hey, its a pvp server, lets go pvp".

So they disbanded the group, summoned companions, and more of their friends came to fight us. About 1hr after me ganking a lvl 30, we had 2full ops groups fighting for about a hour on alderaan.

Personally I think that was more fun than doing the same wz daily, and it started with me ganking low level people.
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