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01.30.2013 , 05:58 PM | #36
There's no comparison other than that they do damage from range.

the damage numbers on the scoreboard at the end of warzones are completely worthless in telling the tale. I've heard arguments about sorcs being able to put up big overall numbers, and while this is true, the raw damage output can be great, snipers are, for the most part, crushing sorcs numbers single target.

tab dotting, storm->cl, and other forms of sorc number inflation don't yield results in realtime combat. Omitting personal utility and survivability, which, having played both classes, is slightly in the sniper's favor in the current metagame, the sniper is the better ranged dps.


in terms of dynamic ability to support and be a mobile damage platform, the sorc has it hands down. This is the reason I continue to play the class. I can outplay a great many people to a point where the class disparity fades, but against equals, gear and skillwise, the sorc is just not there. If I play you perfectly, and you make 4 mistakes, you should not be able to win a heads up battle. This isn't speaking to a sorc vs sniper face off per se. However, I didn't roll sorc to be a support class. I wanted to be ranged dps, not the proverbial straw that breaks the camel's back.

In the end, everyone's just waiting for smash to be gutted before we start thinking about balancing everyone else. Who cares who's the better ranged class now when melee has everyone beat in terms of damage, survivability, and mobility, the big 3 factors for pvp effectiveness. The knight/warrior class archetype is the star wars patron saint as it were, but why develop a pvp system if you're not going to even bother to balance it.