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Star Trek fans expect logic from Star Trek films. When a film director starts doing things that defy logic simply to get character moments and "epic' shots, he spits on everything that Star Trek is about.

Most of you might be fine with a Starship being built on the ground in freaking Iowa. You might be fine with Kirk's dad staying on a ship that he can clearly program to crash without him to save a bunch of escape pods that are being completely ignored by the bad guy anyway. You might be fine with the addition of a water slide to engineering just to keep the action going and give a comedy relief moment. You might be fine with a Korean guy playing a Japanese character. You might be fine with him saying that he took fencing and then whipping out a techno katana and proceeding to fight Kendo style. You might be fine with all of that completely illogical nonsense but real Star Trek fans are not.

And that same kind of nonsense will be present in the new Star Wars now.

Nonsense ? GL made ANAKIN SPACE JESUS, that was nonsense.

Anakin flew a space ship as a child and won the day for everyone when he blew up the droid ship, accidently.
This was also non-sense.

Phantom menace was ridiculous, I am pretty sure what ever JJ does with starwars it will be better than that filth.

(to give honorable mention IMO...palpatine....awesome )