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he would win, Scourge was mentally unstable in the presence of the great Lord Emperor so his visions got pretty much messed up.

and sense of humor is just an understanding of trends that tick a brain, you dont need to be emotional for that.

Emperor can dissolve eeverything and anything

then maybe Hall Hood does not know his lore, after all Lord Emperor is of Sith species - or it is just a terrible attempt at retcon

old baba is Traya
What I was saying about the lore but only time will tell, The Emperor is said to be alive and until the game says otherwise or the (Hand was proven to be lying) then I'd have to go with the game since Hood's word isnt canon. I wouldnt write off Hood just yet though as he could have meant the JK beats the emperor in the future (which seems more viable as it kills in game contradictions)