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alright im pretty much completely optimized now and i have one last question is i need to take either 120 surge rating (which is already at 300) or 120 alacrity which is 0 atm or i can do 60 of both im wondering would the 1.5% ish percent id gain from surge be more valuable than than the 2% id gain from alacrity if i were to split them 60/60 or should i just do 0/120 all alacrity to keep surge at the current 76.3ish that its at now and gain 4% activation
I'm at this point too, just need a couple mods for full 63 and I'll go for 120 Alacrity and keep surge at 300. Don't think it will make much of a difference either way, but the alacrity might help on reducing latency for tighter Followthroughs.

Either way is fine, it's your execution that will improve your DPS. Way more than 0.2% higher theoretical max DPS.