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[edit: i realize i posted in the wrong forum. please move to the Sorcerer section. Thanks!]

Hello! I've been playing my Sorc alt for a while now and am experimenting with Lightning Spec. Any thoughts about my rotation / ability priority list?

1. Affliction
2. Thundering Blast
3. Crushing Darkness
4. Instant Chain Lightning
5. Hasted Force Lightning
6. Lightning Strike

Cooldowns: Use Recklessness with Hasted Force Lightning. Use Polarity Shift on cooldown when you don't need to refresh Affliction (and hopefully no Instant Chain Lightning Proc as well).

I start with: CrD - Aff - Thundering Blast - (spam Lightning Strike)
I use Hasted FL if it procs. I use Instant CL when it procs. Otherwise I keep Aff up, TB and CrD on cooldown and then just spamming Lightning Strike.

For some reason i'm doing a little bit lower DPS as Lightning compared to when I do Full Madness. Something seems to be wrong
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