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section x

republic is faster. empire has to kill certain spawns in the bunker which dont respawn that fast and are few in number. empire has a quest to free prisoners which until recently was always bugged but still has tons of mobs around the pens. quest involving killing the dread guards takes longer.

black hole

empire is faster .their h4 last boss is stupid easy as it does little damage, you cant get locked out of the room, doesnt bounce around nor has multiple aoes. one quest can be done with out leaving the quest givers. there is no waiting for nodes either that two of the non area quests have for the republic. both area quests are the same.


about the same but empire side is faster as turrets and droids in the cave dont respawn all that fast if lots of players are there for the republic. one empire quest is way out of the way and used to be always bugged but now can be done.


empire side is faster as there isn't only five leaders spawn points that everyone needs to kill three of. same with the droids and free the commandos. empire side only has one like this getting the parts for the datacron. the savant one might be included in this but neither was as bad a the leaders ever were and are.

been doing these dailies for almost a year now. have 50s on both sides. this is just my observations doing them on well geared toons solo.