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So, me and a friend of mine had a discussion earlier on.

He asked me as to why are colour stones applicable to blasters beyond ''it looks cool''?

I searched and searched, found an article on the Star Wars Wiki of infinite knowledge about how blaster technology is based of either Gas or Crystals (Maybe a combination of both) but never implied the superiority of either over the other.

I also found a single example of a blaster using both a crystal and a gas chamber to make shiny red beams come out of stormtrooper guns (Which still miss horribly, by the way).

I was wondering, are there any more sources that confirm the application of colour crystals more commonly used in lightsabers - to be used in Blaster Technology? Or is this just something that the Creators have added for an additional ''cool factor''?

Both sources:
Lasers, not exactly blasters, but eh..
Focusing Crystal - Taken from Gundark's Fantastic Technology: Personal gear