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Comparing Sorc's and Snipers isn't goin to get you very far. One is a pure damage class(sniper) and the other one isn't. Comparing a merc and sorc would be more viable or even an operative. Notice the pattern, all the spec's that can heal have gimped DPS trees.

If you look at it Sniper's and Mara's are the most complete classes right now, full of OCD's and DCD's, just enough of both to get er done. After that the 3 tanking class's PT,Sin,Jugg are right behind those except for that smash are pretty well balanced. Then you get the 3 healing classes at the bottom which are all lacking.

As far as i'm concerned the game is pretty well balanced. As far as nerfs i'd say a tweak to smash is really all that needs to be done. Buff's i'd say the 3 healing classes need a bit of work not much just slight buff's.

Give a dps merc the skill where he can't be interrupted(even maybe stunned as well) for 15-20 secs and throw it on a 1 min cooldown.

Sorc probably just needs their overall damage upped 3-5% per ability(they're not there to nuke people they are a utility class).

Operative now this can be pretty touchy. PvP there damage is fine, if put in the right hands. Pretty sure they have the quickest most unstoppable burst as it is(this coming from a PT). They need some movement buffs... maybe an instant 'teleport' to friendly target usable only from stealth....

not really bought on my last idea either... they either need an escape or some way to sustain dps