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01.30.2013 , 03:38 PM | #7
@OP. I took the time to read your wall of text but it was painful. Paragraphing would've helped a ton!

I don't see the difference in either side. Both are filled with the same amount of Dbags // trolls and Elitist *****s as well as genuinely nice individuals who enjoy a good conversation or are helpful. The negative side is more noticeable with Imperials purely because there's more of a player base.

I will say this though (Personality aside): Doing LFG on republic side has been far worse of an experience then it has Imp side with both the flashpoints and the operations. It just feels like there are more "raider' types imp side who have a basic grasp of how to play... and that very well could be the population imbalance I was referring to earlier, but still.