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I'm not exactly sure if wookie is correct - but then from description of the fight we can clearly say that fighting them was rather easy, I wouldnt be surprised if he toyed with them. You dont need emotions to have a sense of humor. Nihilus would dissolve just by standing near the Emperor. He is definately much wiser than old baba.

so firstly you compliment me and now you start to flirt - I'm hum it all the time
Lol, er no. And its not from wookieepedia - its from the SWTOR Encyclopedia, a canon LucasBook. And you kinda do need emotions for a sense of humour, laughing is expressing joy which is an emotion. But anyway, I'm not sure what the Wookiee says but Revan managed to landing several blows on the Emperor, including through redirecting his attacks back at him.

Basically what happened is Revan charged the Emperor, the Emperor blasted him back with the Force, Revan unleashed a wave of energy made from both the light and the dark, blasting the Emperor back onto the floor. The Emperor got up and threw some bolts of lightning at him, Revan deflected and redirected them, striking the Emperor in the chest, throwing him back again. Then the Emperor unleashed a Force storm, which Revan absorbed but was overwhelmed. The Emperor prepared himself to kill Revan, but Meetra threw her lightsaber (which could have killed him) to deflect the attack rather than throw it at the Emperor. Then Scourge betrayed them, and they were defeated.

So we don't actually know who would have won because Scourge intervened and Meetra and Scourge never actually got into the fight, but Revan alone got the Emperor on the back foot - twice. Add Nihilus, Malak, Traya and Sion to that equation and the Emperor gets slapped down several more times. We also have to consider the fact that the Emperor almost lost that fight, and Scourge had visions of the Emperor's defeat, meaning it was possible. So this battle is basically an assured victory for the Sith Lords.

And I'm sorry but the Sith Emperor can't 'dissolve people' - didn't work when he fought Revan did it? The only thing he can dissolve is droids.

Let's also not forget that the Emperor was defeated by a single Jedi Knight and a droid. And before you say that was a Voice, it actually wasn't, Hall Hood confirmed it was the Emperor himself.

And who is 'old baba' exactly?