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01.30.2013 , 02:34 PM | #48
My game keeps crashing and then a loading screen appears and fills up about 1/16 of the way and freezes. I've restarted my PC about six times to ensure it wasn't me. I run the sickest PC components (solid state, top GPU, 3rd gen iCore 7, etc. ) so I know for sure its not that.

So basically I was deep in Hoath doing a mission quest with my Jedi Sage. The game froze, loading screen appears and then II alt-tab out, right click the game and close it, then load back in and I am dead. The game freezes within about 60 seconds of login after that. I wasn't sure if it was just Hoath, so I used an emergency fleet pass to return to the Republic Fleet and the issue continued.

What would be nice is if I didn't pay for the game, I wouldn't be able to complain. Unfortunately, I do pay to play, for now...

SWTOR is about to lose me for the second time if this doesn't get resolved soon.