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Gerikke. You didnt get ninja capped. I killed your assassin. Besides that our setup had singe target burst not AOE smash zerg which gave you more DMG etc etc.. which doesnt always wins the games as you noticed. Besides that we didnt run optimal premade without Daima, Kevin.. in any case it was a good game and hopefully we will have more of em.

ps. we lost our shadow rather fast which forced us to play with -1 guy at the mid > less dmg and kills
did it seem like our retard assassin called for help? he said ur cappin in ts thats all, and we both know who had that match. (go ask trsk about the assasin)

when he died, then he said: natx (lighting) is capping, then whole ts was like WHAT DA FAK

then just saw that u combat respecc and double guard mid to not loose it (wich is a good idea)

and btw: we were 7 as wel lost our madness

edit: funny how all of u thinks am playing only rage :> coz i have 2 rage pvp vids lal.

impossibru my dear fan, seems like still "power surge" do the objectives
2.2 rage mara pvp vid Gerikke
DRAMA arena streams!