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01.30.2013 , 02:03 PM | #6
I have a pub toon and I hate playing him in PvP. The pub guilds I've played alongside are either:

a) HORRIBLE. PvE gear in PvP. Not open to suggestions.
b) CHEESEY. Rely on queue dodging to get wins.

At first glance I'd think the two things sort of evolved because of themselves. There are so many of "a" that the good ones end up having to rely on being "b". But then I remember there were plenty of good PvP Guilds back in the days. (White Talons, Invalid Target, LBIC). Not sure where this behavior came from but I'm unaware of it happening imp-side.

And, in general, a lot of the things I say to people are all in good fun. But since the pubs have limited interaction with me and i'm routinely destroying them, they probably see the "good fun" differently than I do.
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