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we cannot say if it was him and most probably it wasnt him. I didnt say that it was his lightsaber - of course that he does, hes such a lovely person after all.

to bend a black a hole with a force and consume it like a juice is Lord Emperor's way

I'm always right and never high - or maybe, you mean my social status, but then, thank you.
It was him, it says so in the SWTOR Encyclopedia - his Voice was created soon after that event because he feared another attack could happen again and wished to protect himself (Basically he did it out of fear, implying he nearly died.) It's also canon that the Emperor has no emotions, and has been that way since birth. But that's kinda irrelevant. But yeah, the 'Lord Emperor' would be struck down by lightsabers like a pinata and then gobbled up by Nihilus like he gobbled up Nathema. Oh and in between those events Traya will Force lecture him.

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