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OK. So I'm sitting here at work, doing my lunchtime stroll thru the forums. I play a Sin tank....have since launch. So I'm always scanning for little nuggets of info I can use to up my game. Almost every day or so, a new thread pops up of "new tank need help can't hold aggro why am I so squishy etc." The thread is then filled with a wide variety of comments. Some replies are laughable, but most of them contain good info and advice. But then, here is where it starts to poke at me and make me want to write a long drawn out post that most people aren't going to read and those that do will probably just flame.

There are a lot of good threads that knowledgeable people have posted, with good information and the math to back it up. Most "help me" thread posters (for whatever reason, ie: don't know where to look, to lazy to look, don't know what to look for, or whatever the case may be) have not read through the information that is out there. But depending on who happens to be reading your "help me" thread that day is going to determine what kind of advice you get. It could be that guy that swears by having 31k health, or the guy with 24k health that has gone above and beyond to squeeze every last mitigation point he can into his gear. A lot of people will give you stat percentages and be ready to flog the first person to suggest that they might possibly be half a percent point off. And an extent... they are all right.... and all wrong. That's what makes it interesting.

Now, I am a believer in math and theory-crafting. In the tanking threads you will find formulae for everything from determining squish to proc relic up-time, what-have-you. This is where you will find your 90% solution. But here is where I start to have an issue with theory-crafting. It's theoretical! There are some things that can not be figured in mathematically.

Example: At my apartment, I have a higher end computer with a middle rate IP. At home, it's my wife's middle rate comp with fast internet. By the time we kill the first boss in EC NiM my healers will start grumbling in ventrilo. "You're at home this weekend, aren't you? I hate you!" It factors into it. Things like individual reaction times, your decision making process (should I force lightning now, or wait a couple seconds to time it with damage), choosing just the right time to pop a CD, how well you know the fights... Your individual play style factors in. The more aggressive I tank, the easier I am to heal (so sayeth my healers.)

Another thing to consider is that relationship with your healers. A lot of the threads are full of arguments about the value of Endurance vs. Mitigation. Not gonna debate that here. I personally use the lettered "B" mods, and have all 48/60/24 enhancements. I have 28k health. Some people will say "That's just wrong!" or "But the math says this other way is optimal!" But guess what... My HEALERS say this is the best for them. My Ops group has spent many a night in EC and TfB.... "OK... Wipe it and tanks switch your gear!" I have geared on both ends of the spectrum and several variations in between. We have spent the time and effort (and a **** ton of credits) to find what works for us.

Bottom line (and I will get off my soap box): Before posting another "Help me" thread, go to the tanking forum and read. Read a lot. There are some sharp folks posting. The abundance of info there has been refined and will get you to that 90% solution. But don't forget, it's not gospel. YOU and the human factor still account for that last 10%.
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