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01.30.2013 , 01:18 PM | #8
Well, I abandoned that quest, went back to my ship and the same thing happened.

Jorgan had the previous convo, about the Deadeyes, and just like it happened before, just as he puts the holo to call Balkar, cutscene ends, the same "Friendly suggestions" quest, completely empty on the quest log gets added, and that's it.
So I abandoned the quest again, but this time instead of suggesting contacting Balkar, I suggested contacting Garza for help. That worked. Jorgan doesn't pull his personal holo thing and we go to the ship's holo. There Garza appeared and quest finished properly.

Conclusion, either Jorgan's holo is broken and he's bsing about taking care of his gear or my girl was right all along: Balkar is totally useless.

Anyway, that did it. Hopefuly this will looked at some day. Yeah, I know.