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Wait now I am a little doesn't have everything the Black Sun has while the other two combatants do? Or are you just getting rid of the fortress for Xizor? If so then ya I understand, cause that place got torn to hell with Maul. I guess its confusing me, cause your saying he doesn't have the full power of the Black Sun when the rules state that the combatants have all their power.

Edit: However I do see a flaw in the chart..I take it that is just with a standard 2.0 hyperdrive in how long it takes?
What I mean is Xizor doesn't have ascess to any Black Sun resources than only existed before and after he came into power. Only the Black Sun resources available when he was in power. So that removes the Black Sun Fortress as that was an asset of Alexi Garyn, not Xizor.

And concerning the table, it shows the time it takes with a 1.0 hyperdrive, so it work out others you have to times the number by the hyperdrive rating. So double them for 2.0 and half them for 0.5 etc.

I believe its actually from a legitimate Star Wars source although I don't know which...