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OK, I'm going to refer to Traya, Sion, Nihilus, Revan & Malak as 'the Sith Lords' to make things easier

The Sith Emperor would lose this battle. Why? Well remember when Scourge, Revan and Meetra challenged the Emperor? They put up a fight and actually almost killed him. Not only were there several Force visions where the Sith Emperor lost, implying it was possible, but Meetra could have killed him if she hadn't chose to save Revan with a saber throw instead of strike him. A weakness the Sith Lords would not have. And we can definitely say that the combined strength of the Sith Lords (which was formidable) is stronger than that of Meetra, Scourge and Revan.

But the big hitter here is Nihilus. He could consume anything, he could drain the Force from any being. Including the Emperor, Traya remarked that his power was so great that none could defend against it. So how come Meetra beat Nihilus you ask? Because Meetra was a wound in the Force, and therefore Nihilus could not consume her and attempting to harmed and weakened him. Without such a power Meetra would have been destroyed.

Lets also not forget that in a nexus of dark side energy AKA Korriban, Sion is immortal.

So yeah, Nihilus drains the Sith Emperor of his Force power, and the other Sith Lords overwhelm him.

Oh and some shameless adverting here. But the short FanFic in my sig (Echoes in the Force) is all about a confrontation between Nihilus and the Sith Emperor, and there's a big fight at the end. Be enlightened!
they probably faced just a Voice and he wiped them like a dirt off his robes - he even tried to be funny and use lightsaber ( which failed but this is rather a weapon for simpleton comparing to Emperor's power ). Immensive knowledge of sorcery and alchemy would allow him to drink Nihilus like a good dark cherry juice.
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