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OK.... granted: Lots of people play both sides pub and imp, like myself I have 50's on both sides. That being said, We all know if we are an Imperial or a Republic supporter at heart. I believe there is a personality difference between the Imperial side and Republic side. I see the best evidence of this in the PVP forums. Now stay with me and follow closely on this, from a pure RP standpoint i love that a lot of the Imperial side players whose comments I read are usually direct, sometimes insulting, and very brazen in their remarks. The Republic players are usually a little more polite, less blunt, and seem more willing to converse about said topic. Now before you "the reader" get all huffy puffy lets think about something. In the LORE we would assume that [I]most[I] Imps are the "villain" and pubs are the "heroes". Ok i think most of us can agree with the previous sentence. So then based on that, it doesn't really surprise me that players choose a side based on their personality indifference and it shows when they talk to other people and how they play, and which spec they make. For example: I know players that REFUSE to make a pub toon because they hate the "CAREBEAR" aspect of playing the Republic side as these players would rather Pureblood it up and take out REVENGE on all comers. Cool with me. I also know people like myself who are in general "lightsided" people and make jedi to save the galaxy. Which is also cool. Has anyone else experienced this or even took the time to think about it? This post is purely a format for me to express my observations and is in no way intended to bully, troll, support, derail, or in anyway affect your playstyle, character choice, or preferred method of roaming about your world. Just an observation. If you actually took the time to read this, cheers, give me your 2 cents as well. Take care.