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12.20.2011 , 06:20 PM | #10
I answered all my questions the same way, capital at the start and no random spacing.

If they let you pick a question or at LEAST cycled it, it would be able to get on. It keeps asking me the Activity question when it wanted it logging into the client and now every single time I try to reset my password. In any form I get the same question, which I answered with all 5 of my answers including the right one. Called the 24/7 number dozens of times to no avail, sent four emails (where I got an email at 4am telling me to EXPECT ANOTHER EMAIL, it's now 20 past midnight the next day).

Maybe 'cause I'm still logged in on the forums area, but CANNOT LOG OUT. On day 2 of this problem and it's f*cking infuriating.