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At level 15 you are going to feel weak with any class. I've leveled both a guardian and marauder (sent. imp equivalent) in pvp and I chose to level tank as a guardian, I didnt do as much damage as a marauder (sent.) but I kept the healers alive and it was fun being the ball carrier in huttball. Focus/smash is the fotm spec now for both AC classes that want to dps. Both AC's have their advantages, but find whatever play style you prefer. It's super easy to level up in this game. And now the gear grind for PvP gear at 50 after patch 1.6 isn't nearly as bad as before either.

Edit: Plus I agree with the post above mine.
SWTOR PvP = nerf teams of stunlocking operatives to create teams of stunlocking [insert any AC here]