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I hate the Shans......why don't they die?
The new girly never even got a chance for me. She looks and sounds too much like an adult version of her great grandmother (or however many greats are in there) I when I played my Revan (a middle aged no nonsense man) I absolutely hated Bastila, that teenaged, ungrateful, preachy, naive, overconfident, weak minded little girl who just would not shut the hell up. And while I did play a light sided Revan I couldn't believe that in cannon he would have ever married that little brat. Not to mention I always thought he was at least 15 years older than her because he was a well versed and respected Jedi knight, A general that went to war, traveled of the unknown regions of space, learned the teachings of the sith, fell to the dark side, traveled to find all the Rakatan Star Maps and then the starforge and returned as the dark lord of the sith to wage another 3 year war. all before Bastila was even a jedi!

Well I went off there a little. either way. I'm with you Wizard, She tainted the entire Shan line for me. And whatever the new chicks name is didn't even get a chance on my consular I regret it a little because she may have been a cool character, but I just picked the "F*** you!" Options and moved on quickly.