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Note: the whole post contains SPOILERS which is why I'm not tagging it, please take this in mind when reading.

This is more apparent in the later stages of the game, ie Act 3, but is plenty clear enough in Act 1 and 2. The Imperial classes tend to expend their time hunting other Imperials, while Republic classes get to directly attack the Empire.This is most obvious on Corellia, in both class stories and the world arc. While most Republic classes deal their blows to Empire, only one Imperial class directly damages the Republic.

Darth Decimus, Darth Acharon and Darth Hadra all die at the hands of the Republic on Corellia, shortly afterwards Darth Thanaton, Darth Arho and Darth Baras die as a result of Sith infighting. That's half the Dark Council, in the game's last moments.

Though not through Republic involvement, the Sith Empire also loses Imperial Intelligence.

Conversely, the Imperials kill no members of the Jedi Council (bar the First Son, a servant of the Emperor) - and only get to kill the unimportant 'Green Jedi Council'. True the Bounty Hunter kills/captures the Supreme Chancellor - no doubt a blow to the Republic, but oppositely the Jedi Knight (seemingly) kills the Sith Emperor - clearly a far bigger blow than the Supreme Chancellor.

Following this in the novel - Darth Karrid is killed at the hands of the Republic - who make fools the Empire, breaking into the Minister of Logistics fortress on the Sith world of Ziost. Add a 7th to the Dark Council death toll, in a short period of time.

Yes we know ultimately the Empire loses, but this quickly? I didn't think they would start killing of the Empire so early into it's existence - they're working with a blank slate, clearly the Empire's story could last centuries more. I'm hoping that this will be the case, and there will be a resurgence in the Empire's war effort - and Imperial charactors get to kill notble Republic charactors - such as Satile Shan (perhaps for the Sith Warrior).

Story wise the game seems completely unbalanced to me, and on a technical note - how is it feasible that a Smuggler or Trooper could kill a Dark Council member like Darth Decimious?...