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I believe that once swtor went free to play that it would be financial suicide to continue to offer free phone support.

How do you stop all the free players phoning ? swtor is a business and needs to make money not become a charity for all those that want everything free in life.

Unfortuanately the move to free 2 play was great for some and not so great for others.
i agree, i was more than happy to pay before at day 1....then i stopped playing MMO's and was and still am a Star Craft 2 addict then when i heard this was doing F2P i started playing again like 30 days before it went f2p so i would get the extra CC coins and was more than happy to sub, that being said as a Sub i should at least get a option for proper customer service, if anything THAT would be the factor to make me un-sub ( being a sub and treated like i wasnt a F2P by the company )

and yes having to use a voip to contact the company is worth the frustration, id like the convince of using my phone, i can go anywhere with that, i can call from work, or from the car while im am going to work ( passenger not driver ) , hell its the age of the smart phone give me a bloody app for my phone :\ , even the email option would be PERFECTLY FINE if i could actually get an answer for the questions i were asking and not being required to call.

see im not hard to please, i would take ANY option of contacting customer service and get answers that dose not require me to pay a fee .
Thanks for that copy and past to the contact us , a would have been fine, but that was excessive, however since that is the information that started this topic to begin with i fail to see how that helps in anyway, but thanks again