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Quote: Originally Posted by pan_sObak View Post
Black Hole for Empire IMHO a bit more compact and faster
The "scan guys in base" makes this true!

The same for Illum
Personally, don't see a huge difference here.

And Empire side on Belsavis dailies (not Section X !) are much shorter and convinient to do
Don't see this personally. The Pub dailies on Belsavis are extremely well laid out. Straight line almost through all of them.

It's not mostly about time to do a quest but mainly because of time to get there i think
bad logistic
Agreed, but then, the Imp dailies seem worse for this. The Domination outpost quests take you a farther than the Wilderness and Meltwater quests do. When you get to the tomb, the Republic can do its Heroic 2s in the same area on the way to the final dailies which are just running in a circle around the tomb.
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