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was posted as a reply to a similar thread this morning.

My Security Key Coins were posted on 1/15; it is 1/30 and i still have not received my 550 CC subscriber bonus for January. I have had a continuing subscription since 12/13/11 with no breaks. Last month's coins were only credited after I sent an email to Customer Support. This month I received an answer by email directing me to call the Customer Support number "since account issues are not addressed via email". I do not have 5 hours to sit on hold with CS; I have a job to go to each day myself.

We will see what the next 5 days brings.
I normally get mine on the 19th. I have not received mine this month either and sent an email as you did. I'm on day 4 and still have not received them. To be fair, my email says 7-10 days, which was 4 days ago, when they wrote me. Now the forum post says 2-5 so I guess they are getting around to it

I just figured they'd be faster since it was in regards to the Cartel Market but I guess since they are the ones they guaranteed with a sub and aren't the ones you buy outside of that, they aren't moving too quickly on the "known issue".
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