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Hello all,

I recently started playing as an Imperial Agent/sniper, after getting to about level 11 I just can't stand how stationary combat is for that class (not not mention how your first companion should have been a tank rather than another imperial agent type class) and well to be frank, this is Star Wars so I want glowsticks.

I'm looking to start a different toon, but am unsure which has better gameplay and or storyline, Marauder or Sorceror. As background I played WoW during Lich King and raided up to Sunwell with the top tier Guild on my server as a Mage so I'm used to reading up on preferred rotations and theory crafting in general (I also played STO for a little bit so I'm not too out of practice), that was a hard time for my severely nerfed mage class and I spent most of my time trying not to die from raid wide damage and CC'ing trash, but I was still able to pump out pretty decent dps.

My goal is to find a class that does decent DPS isn't too squishy, and has multiple uses in PvE and maybe some warzones every now and again (not a big fan of arena style pvp). I've never played a melee DPS class so It'd be a learning experience to go to maurader, but I've heard good things and see a ton of them at fleet, and with sorc I feel I'd be in my comfort zone of ranged DPS while not being to stationary and having heals to fall back on.

Just wanted to get a few final opinions before I rolled again.