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Same as the OP, massive lag, disconnects going to loading screen with progress bar at the bottom therefore having to force close.

BTW, internet is running fine when it occurs. Even resetting network card and router didn't fix it.

Added tracert and pathping info on the other post.
I live in Brisbane, I wont say anything about dodo :-) I have never had a dc on dalborra (unless my adsl went down), now so saying that your tracert and pathping look just fine.

Can you say if it is regular or random time ? when the spike is occurring does the tracert look just like the one you posted ?
Will have to think on possible causes there are more then just network paths, and have seen some issues raised under win 8 will go reading in between time.

I just made a windows 8 machine and had massive trouble getting league of legends running properly, turned out pando media booster was only partially all defaulted through the firewall and lol needed it even though lol was also in the firewall. Was going to look at installing swtor on this to compare with my current setup but that is forthcoming

Edit - can you confirm this is connected wired

Edit - Also noticed Devil May Cry Crashed on you as well