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unlettered mods will give you better damage output. While Willpower is your best stat for DPS, the lettered mods make you trade more than one point of secondary stat for the extra willpower. This is not worth the trade.
^ Not sure if this is intended for PVE or PVP, but it's just flat wrong in PVP.

Go low endurance / WP mods & enhancements, high secondary stats on all pieces. Stack crit rating to 163, then the rest into power / surge. Only get alacrity if it has good power on it (wh implants). Put none of it into your mods/enhs.

Augment with Resolve Augments (18 wp, 12 end) on every piece.

Replace at least 3 (at most 4) pvp armorings with 27 Advanced Resolve Armorings (belt, bracer, OH, then 1 set bonus piece that is surplus for your gear set up now).

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